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Year-round golf

The Canary Islands are an exceptional golfing location.
Only here can you play surrounded by volcanic
landscapes and contrasting views and watch the ball
fade into the horizon over the ocean. The sea breeze
makes every round different and means you have to take
care with long pitches and drives. All this during the twelve months
of the year: If there's one thing that defines golf in the Canary Islands it's that you can
play a round almost every day.

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Few places around the world offer such optimal conditions for golfing. In the Canary Islands we have some of the best professional courses in Europe, designed by world champions such as Severiano Ballesteros and José María Olazabal and renowned course architects like Juan Cartineu, Blake Stirling and Marco Martín. The result is golf courses that make the conditions a fundamental part of course design.
Most are designed to fit in with the landscape and a complete range of facilities including caddies, monitors and buggies, along with bonus extras like gyms, spas and restaurants. Our courses are suitable for all handicaps with holes up to 110 metres , obstacles including lakes, bunkers and vegetations and wide greens. There are even greens on islands. Spectacular golfing!
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top golfers

The high standard of golf courses along with optimal conditions make the Canary Islands a favourite location for international golf tournaments. Many of the best golfers in the world walk our courses in search of victory.
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The Canary Islands boast a full range of golfing hotels. Some courses are even within a resort or hotel grounds so you can sleep as close as possible to the first hole and combine your love of golf with spa sessions and leisure as well as relax on private beaches.