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Something's always going on in the Canary Islands.
That's why we're showing you all the activities that take place in the archipelago.
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aircraft land per year

Nearly 150,000 aircraft land every year at the airports of the Canary Islands with passengers ready to enjoy their holidays at any time of the year.

Welcome to the Canary Islands!


camels inhabit the Canary Islands

Amongst the fauna of the Canary Islands there are up to XX camels. Many of them are used for excursions into different landscapes.

A most exotic ride!


photos shared with the hashtag #latitudeoflife

Thousands of people share the photos they took in the Canary Islands under the hashtag #latitudeoflife and show their experiences in the different parts of the archipelago.

The most photogenic side of the islands!


people a year swim at the Canary Island beaches

The turqoise waters and fine sandy beaches are one of the main attractions of the Canary Islands. 80% of the visitors go to the beach at some time during their holiday and over 9 million enjoy a refreshing dip.

Into the water!


museum entries

More than 3 million people visit the different museums of the archipelago to learn about the history and culture of the Canary Islands.

Time for culture!


weddings held on the Canary Islands

Nearly 6,000 couples a year decide to celebrate the most special day of their lives in the idyllic and spectacular setting of the Canary Islands.

I do!


people buy some kind of souvenir

There are memories that can be carried in a suitcase. Over 6 million visitors to the Canary Islands buy a souvenir during their holiday.

Time to go shopping!


people go partying (de belingo)

Nearly 900,000 people choose to go to bars or discos to have fun at night. Have a few drinks, go to the casino, go out dancing…



excursions a year to see the whales and dolphins

Every day around 90 boats full of visitors leave to look for whales and dolphins that live in the waters around the Canary Islands.

There are more than 22 different species of cetaceans


boats moor at the Canary Island ports

About 10,000 boats sail through the waters of the Canary Islands and end their voyage at the marinas and ports.

Cast off!


diving centres for all levels

Up to 30 diving centres offering the chance to get to know the underwater world of the Islands, thanks to the crystal clear waters down to great depths.

A paradise for diving!


people go down slides

Over 1 million people shoot down the slides at the most spectacular water parks.

The most fun way to cool off!


surf schools at different Canary Island beaches

As well as exceptional wind and wave conditions, the Canary Islands have 40 schools where surfers at different levels can take up  this sport or perfect their technique.

In search of the big wave!


routes to go hiking

Hundreds of trails on all the islands offer walks for all levels through volcanic and exotic landscapes. 

Just for the sheer pleasure of walking!


visits to national parks

The national parks of the Canary Islands are visited every year by nearly 6 million people looking to come into contact with Nature.

Clean air for your lungs!


visitors come to play golf

Thanks to the weather which allows golf to be played all year round, more than 360,000 people come to the Canary Islands to practise this sport.

22 golf courses to test your swing!


people enjoy the most popular tapas

Out of all the delicious delicacies that the islands have to offer, octopus and potatoes is the Canarian dish most in demand.

Another helping please!