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The Canary Islands

from the sky

The privileged location and the excellent climate of the Canary Islands means that in just a few hours from the heart of Europe, you'll find one of the wildest and most unspoiled landscapes on the whole continent. Their leafy forests of ancient trees, their spectacular volcanoes, their idyllic beaches with their pale yellow sands and its imposing cliffs –together with their small villages and traditional farmsteads– all make this a land full of contrasts and exceptional beauty. And even more so if you see it from the sky.

The Canary Islands offer a range of different options for observing its unusual geography from the sky. Float above it in a hot-air balloon and experience the immensity of the islands from the air, or take a flight in a light aircraft and see with your own eyes the dramatic contrast of these islands' teeming life.

towards another planet

La Geria is one of the most unusual and surprising areas in Lanzarote. The contrast between the black volcanic earth and the intense green of the grapevines creates a visual picture which will transport you to another world.

idyllic landscapes

When the tide is high, the water covers different parts of the Puertito de Lobos in Fuerteventura, creating a range of natural pools with crystal clear waters. This is the ideal time to see it from the air.

Gran Canaria
over a green mantle

In the area of the Anden Verde in Gran Canaria there are several paths that make an excellent option for discovering the area's natural attractions. But if you have the chance to take an cruise in the air you'll be able to see nature in all its wildness truncated by a steep succession of cliffs.

discovering inaccessible landscapes

The best option if you're planning a flight to see the island of Tenerife is to fly over the Anaga Rural Park where you'll see its spectacular rocks and discover secluded bathing areas only visible from the air.

La Gomera
music for the eyes

This strange volcanic cliff in the form of an organ can only be seen clearly from the skies or from the sea. But it is only from the skies of La Gomera that you can appreciate all the grandeur of Vallehermoso, a spectacular formation with amazingly precise geometric shapes.

La Palma
floating among clouds

This sky is the best viewpoint for capturing the sea of clouds that appears on damp mornings in the Caldera de Taburiente. Only from the heights can you see all the splendour of the mantle of mist that condenses on the walls of the most popular crater in la Palma.

El Hierro
above the volcanoes

The best aerial views of El Hierro can be seen in the area of El Verodal and the Orchilla lighthouse, where you can observe the area's spectacular volcanic gorges boldly overhanging the sea.