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and "guachinches"
to amaze you

What do you feel like eating today? Be amazed by some of the thousands of restaurants on the islands: gastropubs, beach bars, “guachinches”, seafood restaurants, grills… The wide diversity of our islands is also to be seen in our restaurants. Discover unforgettable places as you enjoy delicious experiences, whether on an outdoor terrace with views of the sea, in a cave or countless other places that simply ooze charm. There’s something for everyone!

Flavours with P.D.O.

In the Canary Islands, we have the best climate in the world. So, it is not unusual that the ingredients we grow here taste so delicious. There are crops of tasty fruit and vegetables, such as potatoes, bananas, tomatoes and pumpkins all year round. The tropical climate also helps make exotic fruit such as the papaya or mango juicy and appetising. In turn, the Atlantic Ocean brings us a wide variety of local fish, such as the parrotfish, the grouper and the corvina.

Our dishes

In addition to the island's trademark foods, such as "gofio" or "papas arrugadas", our gastronomy is marked by mixed ancestries. From the first settlers, the "guanches", to signature dishes and Michelin-star restaurants, many cultures have passed through the islands, leaving their mark on a type of cuisine that is full of contrasts, simple to make and uses top-quality ingredients. If you visit Canary Islands without trying our food, you will have missed a vital part of the experience.
Salad from the vegetable garden
Limpets with green sauce
Farmhouse peas
Avocado stuffed with seafood salad
Watercress casserole
Baked parrotfish
Grouper ceviche
Striped soldier shrimp
Chargrilled squid
Grilled wreckfish
Chargrilled octopus
Rabbit ribs
Baby goat
Pork cheeks
Meat brochettes
Pumpkin fritters
Figs with goat's cheese froth
Selection of fruit


Stroll through the vineyards as you taste the prized volcanic wine, visit one of the cheese factories to see the artisan cheese-making process or make the most of the fantastic climate to just wander around any of the numerous plantations. If you would like to know how we get some of the best Canary Islands products, go and see where they are produced and find out first-hand where the great quality comes from.