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Beach Days

In The Canary Islands

With kilometres of superb beaches you can do whatever you like on the sand in the Canary Islands from fun family days out, shoreline walks, comfortable sunbathing or getting lost with your partner in idyllic surroundings. The pleasant climate throughout the year, blue skies and over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year make the endless Canarian beaches perfect whenever you choose to visit.
Come to the beach!

Fancy a fun day out?
Let's go to the beach!

There's so many beach options in the Canary Islands. You just have to decide what you want to do: Get lost on a pristine natural beach, have fun with the kids on a family beach with all the facilities you need, or take it easy on one of our popular beaches.

Are you hungry?
Time for food!

There's as many choices as there are beaches. Pick a spot by the sea for the views and sample the local cuisine. Maybe a sancocho, papas con mojo or a selection of fresh, locally caught fish like parrot fish or porgy. If you'd rather stay on the sand there's bound be a beach snack bar close by offering tapas like octopus, grilled limpets, barbecued sardines or local seafood salad. With a sated appetite the afternoon is yours.

Fell like cooling off?
Take a dip!

The beaches of the Canary Islands are famous above all for their clear, clear waters with constant temperatures around 20ºC. Perfect for a refreshing dip and for all kinds of water sports, This is why you find surf schools at many of our beaches where you can learn the basics or perfect your technique.
If you decide to see the ocean from a fresh perspective you can always dive under it and visit the rich marine ecosystems all around the coast. Local dive schools are ready to introduce you the the undersea inhabitants of the Canary Islands.


The evenings, after a day of fun or relaxation, are special when you spend them on the beach. This is the time to walk along the shore or stop to watch the sun setting over the ocean.

In the Canary Islands sunsets are a natural fireworks display with the golden orb of the sun lighting up the sea in a glittering display.

The perfect end to a perfect day.