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The best climate in the world

How many times have you heard that Canarians have an open, happy character? It's no surprise given that they live in a climate with an average temperature of 24ºC with no extreme cold or excessive summer heat. It's enough to give anyone a sunny disposition.

There's scientific proof that climate has an effect on our state of mind: Feeling the sunshine on our skin, breathing in fresh air, walking barefoot on the sand or gazing at a sky full of stars are moments that fill us with energy and refresh us from inside.

If not, ask the inhabitants of the Canary Islands.

The words that
best define
the Canary
Islands climate are “holiday sensation”
and “good moods”

Maxi Biewer

TV weather presenter

You can wear
shorts and a
t-shirt any
day of the
year and feel

Liam Dutton

Meteorologist and TV weather presenter
United Kingdom

"The weather in
the Canary Islands
is happy weather"

Minerva Piquero

Journalist and TV weather presenter

Vitamins for your

Clear skies and infrequent rain make for long, sunny days. These extended hours of sunshine are known to have a positive effect on mood and health. A day in the Canary Islands sunshine is like a natural vitamin D pill that prevents illness and makes you feel good.

The best climate
for your holidays

A long and healthy

Since Ancient Greek times the Canary Islands have been famous for their healthy climate. Centuries later visitors from all over the world flock here to revitalise themselves. Warm temperatures, days flooded with light, sea air and natural surroundings make the Canary Islands a healthy paradise.

Open air

The Trade Winds and thermal inversion they create over the Canary Islands prevent clouds from forming and give us rain-free summers and winters with an average of only three rainy days per month. This is perfect for an outdoor lifestyle and, along with the wide range of accommodation and attractions, means that you can come and do almost anything you want on the beach, in the mountains, in a lush forest, in the sea, etc.

Many studies and millions of tourists from all over the world consider the Canary Islands to have the best climate in the world. The mild temperatures, with little variation throughout the year, very few days of rain and the long sunny days make them worthy of this distinction.