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Sun, waves and wind all year round: A rider’s paradise.
There’s nowhere
else with natural
conditions so perfect for
surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing
and bodyboarding. In the Canary Islands,
you’ll find your perfect spot.

The conditions are unbeatable.
Almost 1.600 km. of coastline
temperatures of
19oC in winter and 23oC in summer,
days that are
almost always sunny,

constant winds, varied waves
and a marine floor
of volcanic reefs.
Put it all together and you get one of the world’s best location
for wind

and wave sports
with ideal spots for all disciplines
in both summer and winter.

The Atlantic Ocean that bathes the island’s shores gives us a huge range of breaks and the constant wind and wide range of bottoms (sandy, rocky, reefs, etc) give us tubes, long breaks, radicals and deep and shallow breaks that run left and right. A genuine paradise for watersports enthusiasts and experts.
Flowing with the waves
The unique Atlantic location of the Canary Islands brings regular swells to our coastlines and waves that are often in the two to four metre range.
Guests of the wind
Kitesurf and windsurf riders have the Canarian winds behind them all year round. The islands’ varied and constant currents give us powerful conditions throughout the year and guarantee high speeds.
24-hour atmosphere
Boarders from all over the world flock to the islands throughout the year in search of perfect waves and wind and because of the way the Canaries live their sports. The main spots all have bars, shops, beach huts and even specialist accommodation for people who love to hang loose and say hello with the SHAKA sign. There’s an atmosphere waiting for you in the Canaries, a way of life that matches the multicultural lifestyle that comes with a love of the ocean.
The year-round good climate, strong winds, quality of the waves and great facilities make the Canary Islands a focal point for the watersports competition circuit.
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Around the main spots and mostly right by the water you get specialist facilities, shops, and rental shops. There’s everything you need at European standards. For beginners, there’s plenty of schools right by the beach.
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