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A challenge throughout the year
In the Canary Islands, you can give the best of yourself, challenge your limits and beat your records. The archipelago is a paradise for outdoor extreme sports with no close season. Our spectacular wild places are there to be challenged all year round thanks to the Canarian climate with average temperatures of 19oC in winter and 23oC in summer: Perfect for outdoor sports and pushing your limits.
Get ready to download adrenaline. Save your strength for The Extremesphere Reserve.
A challenge at every cliff,
a record
on every slope
Steep gradients and rugged landscapes, winding forest paths, vertiginous drop-offs. Everything required for extreme sport. Run, pedal, jump, fly and climb your way around our wild landscapes. Whatever extreme sport floats your boat you’ll find the geology and the environment in the Canary Islands to push yourself to the limit and beyond.
The Canary Islands
seem designed
for sport
       The volcanic heritage of the Canary Islands gives you a
     wide range of climbing surfaces and conditions with routes for all types and levels of climber.
Pedal to the
Steep tracks through the forest and rugged terraindemand maximum effort and concentration. Mountain biking in the Canary Islands is an adventure. Hang on tight and get the wheels turning.
       The Canary Islands landscape poses a real challenge
    for the orienteer looking to improve their
  standard, training over different terrains and altitudes,
with maps for each of the islands
to make a unique orienteering experience possible
in stable climatological conditions all year round.
A challenge
with every stride
The Canary Islands demand the drive to succeed with every stride of their steep terrain. The constant changes in elevation and extreme diversity of natural landscapes challenge you constantly while the benign climate rewards your efforts. Not a bad trade off.
Galloping with the

       The constant Trade Winds flowing over the
     highlands and coast slopes of the Canary Islands
   provide optimal flying conditions throughout
 The year.
All you have to do is launch yourself off the edge.
Push your
Push the limits of your burn tolerance on the island’s steep, winding roads: Routes that blend into the horizon and others that wind through the volcanic terrain with constant changes of elevation. Each route climbs through spectacular landscapes and is a fresh opportunity to break through your limits.
All that matters
is taking part?
The ideal conditions for outdoors sports throughout the year mean that they're competitions in the Canary Islands almost every week.

Do you want to come and take part, or are you only in it to win it?