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The canary islands

Over 150 km of beach to bask in the sunshine and enjoy the sea breeze full of negative ions that makes you feel like you are in paradise.


Between beach and beach the island's cheeseries are a must visit. Try one of the island's Designation of Origin Majorero cheeses.


Long sunny days, intense wind, and waves up to two metres mean that the island has a long tradition of windsurfing and kite surfing.


The immense volcanic landscapes and pristine beaches earned the entire island the honour of UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve status in 2009.

Welcome to Fuerteventura

Arrive and discover a pristine coastline with emerald green waters and over 150 km of white sand beaches. You're in paradise and bathed in sunshine and relaxing negative ions from the sea breeze. The coast and the spectacular volcanic landscapes are why the island is a Biosphere Reserve.

Close your eyes and when you open them you're a new person. A perfect moment to grab a board and hit the clear water. Or to explore the island's cuisine in its villages. Try the fresh fish, wrinkly potatoes and the Designation of Origin cheeses.

Over 150 km
of incredible beaches

The coast of Fuerteventura is sea and sand in its purest state. With beaches of all kinds there's a perfect one whatever your plan. Forget everything and walk along along the shore, eat fresh fish right by the ocean, or just sit on the sand and watch the sunset. With 150 km of beaches the choice is yours.

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