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Fun in the sea

Beaches of black and golden sand, beaches with a full range of tourist attractions, secluded beaches…
There's nothing better than lazing on the sand in the sunshine listening to the relaxing sound of the ocean. Or maybe there is?

Holidays don't only take place on terra firma, and if your idea of adventure involves the sea, you'll find a thousand ways to enjoy it here: you can get to know its water dwellers, take a boat cruise or a ride on a water bike, or let yourself be swept along by the wind. No matter what you do you're assured of total safety, as in the Canary Islands you'll find a team of highly trained professionals to guide you at all times.

Let the fun begin!

In the water

What would a day on the beach be without a good dip in the sea? The sea in the Canary Islands is exceptionally inviting for a cooling swim after sunbathing, as it maintains a year-round temperature of around 20º C.

You'll see how everything comes to a standstill as you relax in these turquoise waters. Here are some of the beaches and natural pools where you can experience this sensation for yourself.

A world
beneath the sea

Grab your goggles, snorkel and flippers. Now's the time to see the playful creatures in the Atlantic Ocean close up. Snorkelling is a relaxing and fun way of spending a day at the beach, and you don't need to bring any special equipment: there are numerous places along the coast where you can rent quality material.

Sun, wind
and waves

Who has never dreamt of crystal clear waters, wind and a surfboard?

If the surfing lifestyle is up your street, you've come to just the right place! Thanks to the mild climate you can take classes or rent equipment all year round and learn the basics of surfing, body-boarding and paddle surfing. What's more, the trade winds make the islands a perfect place for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Set out in search
of adventure!

The Canary Islands are volcanic in origin, and the fanciful reliefs created by the magma are even more spectacular when seen from the sea. An excursion by kayak will allow you to reach seemingly inaccessible caves and coves and discover a new way of enjoying the sun and sea.

But if you really love feeling the wind in your face and an indescribable feeling of freedom, you can also rent a water bike and ride the waves at top speed.

and whales

You'll find as many as 26 different species of cetaceans in the Canary Islands. The chance to see animals like dolphins, sperm whales and finback whales depends on a number of factors, but the percentage of sightings is very high in these islands, as there are several permanent colonies. If you want to take an excursion by boat in this privileged space, choose boats showing the “Barco Azul” sign, as they safeguard the well-being of these animals. Remember that it's not permitted to feed or swim with the animals on these excursions.

Outdoor bars and restaurants
beside the sea

After dining accompanied by the murmur of the waves, the fun continues: adventure-filled days at the beach are followed by intense and magical nights. There's always somewhere in the Canary Islands where you can enjoy a drink on the shores of the sea or dance on an open-air dance floor, because the pleasant climate means you can have a great time any day of the year. The night is young… How will it end?