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Welcome to the place in Europe where marine life can be seen more clearly . The Canary Islands are a diving paradise thanks to their warm crystal clear waters, which allow visibility of more than 30 metres and whose temperature is above 20 C all year round. So it is easy to enjoy one of the best underwater biodiversities on the planet and distinguish very clearly all the attractions of its spectacular volcanic marinescapes beneath the water. Because of this, the Canary Islands are among the most renowned spots in the world to do scuba diving.

3 Marine Reserves for diving

La Restinga Marine Reserve on the island
of El Hierro

La Restinga is a sanctuary where turtles, tunafish, rays, grouper, dolphins and barracudas visit every year and from time to time, a peaceful whaleshark. In 2011, a new underwater volcano emerged from the heart of the earth. Some time afterwards, in its newly regenerated depths, life has found its way again and today the reserve is home to an even richer and more varied biodiversity.

Marine Reserve of the southwestern coast of the island of La Palma

The waters of the island of La Palma are an option of great interest to those looking for deep sea diving. These waters with several arches, caves and cliffs, some as deep as 300 metres, offer exciting challenges to the most expert scuba diver. Different species like grouper (there are several large specimens) eagle rays, spotted burrfish and black coral are waiting for you.

Marine Reserve Island of La Graciosa and islets next to the island of Lanzarote

The marine reserve of this small Canary Island, La Graciosa, situated to the north of the island of Lanzarote, is the largest protected marine area in Europe. Thanks to the diversity of its sea fauna, its spectacular depths are home to unique beauty in all its diving spots, among which there are some suitable for all levels of diving experience.

Volcanic depths
Discover another world

The Canary Islands emerged from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean millions of years ago. Those violent volcanic eruptions made up the submarine landscapes characteristic of another world at a very short distance from the 1,600 kilometres of coastline of these islands. A unique volcanic geology which has created depths of up to 1,000 metres in which there are plenty of structures of black lava and caves formed in impressive walls and cliffs.

In search of underwater

The charm of the depths of the Canary Island waters is not only in its biodiversity, given that these waters are home to sunken historic remains. Dive among decks, masts and enormous buried anchors and imagine the story behind every shipwreck which is hidden in these Atlantic ocean waters in seas where all kinds of ships have sailed throughout the length of history

For everybody,
all year round

In the Canary Islands you will find everything you need so all you have to worry about is enjoying to the maximum the discovery of this paradise which these islands are home to. An ocean of contrasts with different depths and spots suitable for all levels is waiting for you.

beginner level

If you want to take up this wonderful sport, you will find a great number of diving schools and places to hire equipment. And all this under the supervision of professionals who will look out for your safety at all times.

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intermediate level

If you are already a diver, the Canary Islands may be, if they aren't yet, your natural paradise. There, right next door, you will surely find that spot you have been looking for forever to carry out your dream dive. Visit us soon, hire the equipment and go down to the depths.

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advanced level

If you are looking for a challenge to suprise an expert like you and which lives up to your technique and skill then you are going to love the deep waters around the Canary Islands. The very scant continental shelf which surrounds them puts them within arms reach. What are you waiting for? See spots

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Competition Underwater Photography

CompetitionUnderwater Photography

Be amazed by fabulous photographs of the underwater paradise around the Canary Islands. Don’t miss the incredible photos entered for last year’s The Canary Islands Dive Photo Challenge underwater photography competition.

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