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There are places in the Canary Islands with a special charm and atmosphere that you can't afford to miss on your visit. They all have something special that sets them apart: urban beaches where you can laze on your sun lounger knowing you have everything the need at your fingertips, clubs and outdoor terraces where you can dance until dawn under the stars… And if you prefer the quiet life, there are tree-lined avenue and parks for strolling, or simply for watching time go by.

You can stay in your favourite kind of accommodation, secure in the knowledge that because the Canary Islands welcome thousands of visitors every year, you'll find everything you need to ensure you have an unforgettable holiday wherever you go.

Fun with

the family

When travelling with children, your holiday is that much easier when you stay in a place where everything is within reach. And it's even easier if on top of that there are endless activities that guarantee fun for the whole family. The Canary Islands have numerous resorts of this kind where you'll find everything you need to make you feel at home and let you relax and have fun together.

Life in the

slow lane

There are towns and villages whose charm lies in the gentle passage of daily life. Everything happens at a leisurely pace, and the local inhabitants have all the time in the world to make you feel at home. These places for many years served as a meeting point for artists from all over Europe, who used to flock to the islands in search of inspiration. They still conserve their essential character, but are today enhanced with all the services you need to ensure you have a very comfortable stay.

Make the

most of

each day

To make every day of your holiday last as long as possible, all you have to do is visit or stay in any of the many places you'll find on offer in the 24 hour programmes. Lazing in the sunshine on the beach, having lunch in a beach bar with your feet in the sand, enjoying a drink at an outdoor terrace, having dinner at an international restaurant, and ending the evening at a club or karaoke bar. It's up to you what time you go to bed..

Switch off


If what you need is a few days' relaxation, you'll find a whole array of options in the Canary Islands. Whether in a remote mountain village in the heart of nature or in a sleepy seaside village, you'll be able to leave the world behind and enjoy some peace and quiet in the company of your favourite people.