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You've been entranced by the boat during the voyage but, at last, the ship is about to reach port.

What's that
in the distance?

Exactly, islands ahead… they're:

The Canary Islands

Are you considering a cruise to the Canary Islands?

If your cruise calls at one or more of the Canary Islands, you'll get the most of your trip, because you'll find a great variety of landscapes and plans in a very small area.

Enjoy the Canary Island climate on the beach, in the city or explore its exhuberant nature.

An unforgettable port of call

Go ashore and walk around a volcano, follow in Columbus' footsteps, swim on infinite beaches, experience the world's best climate, taste wines and cheeses by the sea, really laugh, discover the works of Manrique, get lost in the streets, reconnect with nature...


How will youspend yours?

A peaceful day lying on golden sand? A busy afternoon shopping? However you spend your time in port, it will be in the world's best climate, because the average temperature in the Canary Islands is 19ºC in winter and 23ºC in summer.

The perfectplan

The islands offer endless activities and options, whatever it is that you want to do: relaxation, beaches, excursions, walking routes, family plans… the list is very long!

Make the mostof your time

With so many activities available close to the ports, you can make far more of a short stay on the islands. If you need a means of transport, there are taxis, buses and cars, and motorcycles to rent.

Remember to goback on board!

An important tip: remember to go back to the ship. Your cruise hasn't finished. And although your time ashore may be short, you'll take a feeling with you: once you have been to the Canary Islands your body will always want to return, and the best thing you can do is to listen to it.