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Real hikes that

feel like fantasy

Hiking through nature in the Canary Islands is a magical, almost indescribable experience. Only on foot can you reach areas that feel pristine, appreciate the beautiful silence and feel the energy that envelops you.

The landscapes of the Canary Islands are highly variable and walking takes you through forests, past serpentine sand dunes and under steep volcanic cliffs. Hike here and you discover nature reserves full of remarkable levels of biodiversity and colours that you'd forgotten about. You feel like you are one of the first people to visit the island.

Discover an endless network of well-marked and approved trails and pathways suitable for walkers of al levels.

Protected trails

Many paths in the Canary Islands run through National Parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A unique opportunity to explore and learn about some of the most beautiful spots on Earth.

Millennial laurel forest

The laurel forests are among the archipelago's richest and most valuable natural ecosystems. They are millions of years old and the Canary Islands are one of the few spots on Earth where they still survive.

Diversity in a nutshell

With such varied landscapes the Canary Islands condense a huge range of hiking experiences in a small area. On a single walk you go from alpine meadows, through forests and past volcanoes ...

World class views

The steep volcanic geography of the Canary Islands means that our trails rise and fall over short distances and give you plenty of opportunities to stop, catch your breath and enjoy the views.



Climbing Teide volcano


The Teide National Park, right in the centre of Tenerife, has several hiking paths including one right to the summit. The climb is a must for trekkers visiting Tenerife.


La Plata trail

Gran Canaria

The La Plata trail follows an old shepherd's path used by the island's original inhabitants. It takes you through important natural areas such as the pine forest and lowland vegetation with native broom, buglosses and houseleeks.

Gran Canaria

Los Gracioseros trial


This trail follows the old route that La Graciosa islet's inhabitants took when they visited Lanzarote. It winds up from the sea and over the Famara cliffs and takes you past fascinating local flora and fauna.


Lobos islet


The Lobos trail, accessible only by boat from Corralejo harbour, goes through some of the most pristine landscapes in the Canary Islands. The circular path runs from the jetty to the Martiño lighthouse.


Caldera de Taburiente

La Palma

The Caldera de Taburiente National Park has trails for all levels of hikers. The Barranco de las Angustias, the Pino de la Virgen, the Cumbrecita, the Bejenado peak: all routes well worth the trek.

La Palma

Bajada de Jinama

El Hierro

The Jinama trail trek is a long descent that follows the original path into the El Golfo bay from the highlands of the island. It's geological features and rich plant life make it stand out.

El Hierro

Contadero – Cedro

La Gomera

Running through the forested heart of La Gomera and shaded by local laurel species this trail ends at a fascinating hermitage in the forest.

La Gomera


easy hikes

These routes take you to iconic locations and are short and easy enough for everybody to enjoy the landscapes and fresh perspective you get from the paths.

intermediate hikes

Without being difficult these walks are longer and more challenging as they take you through more rugged areas. Each one gives you an idea of the diversity of the island.

advanced walks

Long and varied walks that challenge even the fittest hikers but take you through a huge variety of landscapes.