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When the sun sets and starry night sky appears, the wide range of nightlife gets started. There’s a perfect place here for you to spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Magical nights lived intensely and always in the open air thanks to our year-round mild climate. Sit at an outdoor terrace bar, dine under the stars, dance until dawn and share experiences with new people …
Welcome to the perfect climate for nightlife.
Start with a
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What better that starting a great night with a great meal? In the Canary Islands, you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants offering international food cooked by prestigious chefs, some with Michelin Stars. If you want to go local, then choose a Canarian restaurant and tuck into traditional food made with the best local ingredients.
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open air
Good music, a great atmosphere and the best views: Tonight in the Canary Islands has just started. After dinner, have a first drink at an outdoor terrace bar with the stars overhead. Whether it’s a hotel roof bar, by a nightclub, on a seaside terrace or in a local square, enjoy the night air in your own way.
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/party going
The night goes on and options multiply. Nightclubs in the Canary Islands have a long history and their booths attract top DJs. With the warm nights and a constant stream of visitors looking for fun, the atmosphere is guaranteed. Some places even have outdoor dance floors.

If you’re not a clubber, don’t worry. There are traditional dance halls and jazz clubs waiting for you.
The lowest
taxes in
Thanks to our unique tax regime, consumption tax in the Canary Islands is just 7%. That's the lowest tax on fun anywhere in Europe and means that going out in the Canary Islands gets you lots more for less.