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An open

air spa

Renew yourself inside and out in the Canary Islands thanks to the exceptional conditions. As well as a wide range of wellness centres the islands offer four natural resources with healing powers that make them a genuine outdoor spa: water, air, sun and sand.

The combination of exuberant nature and long experience of pampering visitors makes the Canary Islands an ideal destination for combining maximum relaxation with an unforgettable holiday. Whether you let nature relax you or put yourself in the hands of our professionals, you know that you deserve it.


Seawater and especially Atlantic Ocean water, contains 89 elements present in our bodies as well as vitamins and micro-organisms that release healthy antimicrobial substances and hormones that your skin absorbs. Swimming in the sea improves skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis and scratches, helps detoxify the body, and is highly relaxing.


Renew yourself mentally and physically with the pure air of the Trade Winds. The sea breeze around the Canary coasts is laden with marine salts and negative ions with relaxing and detoxifying properties: Great for the health of the respiratory system as well as feeding and hydrating the skin.


The constant sunshine of the Canary Islands helps our body to produce Vitamin D in a natural way. It's essential for Calcium absorption and helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure and muscular aches and pains. Sunshine also stimulates the release of endorphins, the neurotransmitters that make us feel good.


Give yourself a sand bath within earshot of the waves and let your skin feel the benefits of the ocean's minerals and beneficial elements. Heated by the sunshine volcanic sand helps to treat rheumatism, arthritis and neuralgia. Sand is also an excellent natural exfoliant and the best walking surface to get those leg muscles toned.


You'll find a wide range of wellness centres in the Canary Islands offering the latest beauty and wellness treatments in relaxing surroundings.
Many use the huge variety of natural elements in the Canary Islands in their treatments, along with modern hi-tech therapies.
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Some of the most
popular treatments
in the Canary Islands are:


This ancient therapy uses the various elements of the sea such as water, seaweed, clay and other marine substances as the core of its treatments. Thalasso spas collect seawater close to the shore, sterilise and warm it and then apply it to the body using showers and high pressure jets.


Winetherapy is an effective skin cleanser and purifier as, applied directly, it helps to stimulate blood circulation, reduces the abdomen and tones the muscles. For this treatment grape skins and juice, and even pure wine, are applied directly to the skin.


Treatments with volcanic clay are popular in the Canary Islands as local volcanic soils are rich in warm geothermal waters, minerals and trace elements. Applied directly it refreshes the skin and is good for muscles and bones.


Aloe vera, which thrives in the Canary Islands thanks to the climate, is healthy for the skin. The treatment involves a skin cleanse with lotion and tonic, a peeling, an aloe wrap and a final relaxing massage.