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Every year millions of people are attracted to the Canary Islands by the wide range of things to do: relax on the beach, play golf, surf, dive into the sea, sail, hike through the wilderness, etc. While everyone comes for different reasons they all have one thing in common: Shopping.

Whatever you like and whatever your budget you'll find it in the varied shops of the Canary Islands. Rummage through market stalls, spend the evening in a shopping centre or find traditional Canarian products at local shops.


Thanks to unique Canarian tax rules the islands have a low sales tax rate of just 7%. This is far lower than anywhere else in Europe and means better prices on almost anything you want to buy. You get more for less.

air markets

The long days and constant warm temperatures mean that weekly open-air markets are common on all the Canary Islands. Many sell local handicrafts and produce, antiques, and second hand goods like furniture and household items. Even if you're not planning to buy anything a trip to the market is a lovely way to explore villages and old towns.

Shopping centres and

Shopping in brand stores and exclusive boutiques set in gorgeous surroundings is a particular highlight of the Canary Islands. Big towns and cities have all the brand names on their High Streets with the latest ranges of fashion, jewellery and perfume. There's a cool vibe to Canary Islands shopping districts.

The Canary Islands also have modern shopping centres or malls where you get all the national and international brand shops along with play areas for the kids, restaurants, cinemas and recreation zones. Everything you need is within easy reach.
Shopping Districts and Centres


You can't leave the Canary Islands without a memento of your holiday and what better than a locally made gift for someone you love, or just for yourself?

Aloe vera cosmetics

The climate of the Canary Islands and organic and chemical-free outdoor farming methods make Canary Islands Aloe vera the highest quality on the world market.

Lenita & XTG

The trendy swimwear brand on Canarian beaches. Created by Lenita Burmay and Luis Mentado this fashion brand is cool, daring and extreme.

Canarian handicrafts

Traditional Canarian hoop earrings and Graciosera straw hats are great examples of Canarian handicrafts that fit in with modern fashion trends.

Gourmet produce

Canarian cuisine is full of high-quality products such as Arehucas rum and Blat Vodka that can well claim to be amongst the world's best and tastiest.

Palmero cigars

Hand made cigars from La Palma island rival Cuban cigars for quality and flavour.

Local art

The lithographs of César Manrique and painter Néstor de la Torre are excellent examples of Canarian art.