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Canary Islands inMarch

March means that Spring is here at last… everywhere else, that is. March in the Canary Islands is not so different from other times of year. Temperatures are always mild, so you can spend a great day on the beach even when it is chilly everywhere else.
22° C

10 h
of sun every day

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Make the best of the
good weather

If spending the day lying in the sun isn't your thing, lace up your boots and get ready to discover the many incredible trails that criss-cross the Canary Islands. In the space of a few kilometres altitudes change, and so does the scenery, animal and plant life.

There are routes with all levels of difficulty plotted by professionals and the perfect way to discover protected areas of the island during your March holidays.

Magical trails



Days will fly by as you whizz down waterslides, marvel at the world's biggest collection of parrots or stroll the streets of a Western town… Did you know that the Canary Islands have parks for everyone? Zoos and aquariums, theme parts like Sioux City and the Angry Birds Activity Park and water parks like Siam Park, Europe's biggest and most exciting.

Siam Park
Loro Parque
Angry Birds Activity Park
Oasis Park

And at

As night falls, a surprising spectacle awaits: gaze at incredible sunset as you stroll along the beach or through the mountains in good company.

One of the best places to watch the sun go down is the Famara beach in Lanzarote, particularly when the tide is low. If you are in La Restinga (El Hierro), sunset at the Mar de las Calmas will captivate you.

Famara Beach
La Restinga

Mountain boots