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Travelling to the
Canary islands inAugust

Do you simply not know how to get away from the heat? Travelling to the Canary Islands in August is the solution. Here we have the mildest summer with lots of plans for land, sea and air. August is one of the best months for admiring the night sky, discovering new hobbies and learning about some of the oldest traditions in the Canary Islands.
An average of
28° C

12 hours
of sun a day

This month,
we recommend…

Make a

If you decide to take August holidays, you have a date with the Perseids – one of the most spectacular meteorite showers of the year. And given the choice, why not see them in the clearest skies in Europe? In the Canary Islands, we have 3 Starlight Reserves – a title that is only granted to territories where you can see the heavens in their purest state, with no light pollution from cities or planes.

Places for stargazing

Get away from

Sometimes when it’s very hot, the last thing you want is to be far from the sea or a swimming pool. But with a climate like we have in the Canary Islands, sunny weather is not just for a day at the beach, it is also a great companion for mountain hikes, your first day doing a new sport or a day out shopping.

A day out shopping

From festivity
to festivity

If you visit the Canary Islands this month, we recommend two celebrations that are true classics: the “Bajada de la Rama” in Agaete in Gran Canaria and the Virgin of Candelaria Pilgrimage in Tenerife. The first one involves a parade through the town right down to the sea to the beat of music with participants dancing and shaking branches from pine/eucalyptus/laurel trees. For the second one, thousands of Tenerife pilgrims walk to Candelaria to honour their patron saint.


a hat/cap
sun cream