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Travelling to the
Canary Islands inNovember

If you travel to the Canary Islands in November, you'll forget that winter is just around the corner. You can still enjoy the sea, the sand and clear skies - perfect for astronomy fans - year round pleasures on these islands.
An average of
24° C

9 hours
of sun a day

This month,
we recommend…

Jump on
your board

The wave season is starting, and now is the best time for surfing on our crystal clear waters. Accept the challenges presented by our many types of waves, or start your surfing adventure during your holidays in November with a monitor. You don't need to bring a board! There are plenty of services for surfing enthusiasts on the islands, including equipment rental. If there's anything we have in abundance on these islands, it's the surfer vibe!

Surf spots
Bodyboard spots

Discover the colours
of the Canary
Island sand

A walk on the beach.... in November? Why not? Don't just walk! Take a dip and catch some rays in the best climate in the world. While you are here, find the perfect beach: Will it be a small black cove? Will it have golden sand and impossibly beautiful water? Whatever you want, it's here, waiting for you, in the Canary Islands, so when you pack your bag, don't forget your swimsuit and sunscreen!

White sand beaches
Golden sand beaches
Red sand beaches
Black sand beaches

Kite Festival

Every November, on the El Burro beach in Fuerteventura, the sky fills with the joyful spectacle of more than a hundred kites. Why not bring yours to add to the explosion of colour brought along by enthusiasts?

We also recommend you take this opportunity to discover the Corralejo Natural Park, a protected area containing the Canary Islands' largest dunes: to the north, white sand lapped by the ocean, to the south, with volcanic shades.

Dunas de Corralejo Protected Natural Par