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Travelling to the
Canary islands in October

Have you ever spent an October holiday lying on the beach? Or doing your favourite water sport? The best thing about the mild Canary Islands climate is how easy it makes making plans. What plans? Any you like: in the city, at the beach or on the mountains. You choose!
An average of
26° C

10 hours
of sun a day

This month,
we recommend…

See the fish
up close

In October, we have the El Hierro Open Fotosub – an underwater photography competition where participants capture the incredible seabed for posterity.

In addition, in the Canary Islands, you will find a large number of schools where you can learn to dive during your stay and the best diving sites for both beginners and experts. Lose your fear of the ocean and discover the new world that awaits you.

El Hierro
Diving schools
Diving sites

The night of
“Los Finaos”

In October in the Canary Islands, we have our own particular Halloween: “Los Finaos”. In olden times, children used to go house to house asking for “santos” (saints) and they would be given nuts, almonds and figs. In the evening, the oldest woman in the family would tell stories about those who have left us and then everyone would go out and eat chestnuts and dance. Nowadays, this tradition is losing ground to the Anglo-Saxon version – but it still persists in many places on the islands.

Local festivities


In October 1492, Columbus reached America and changed the path of history. Why not make the most of the good weather to learn about his passage through the Canary Islands? Visit the house that used to belong to the governor of Gran Canaria, who helped him to repair “La Pinta”, the museum about the discovery of the New World on La Gomera and the Torre del Conde, where Columbus was supposed to have had secret rendezvous with the mistress of the island, Beatriz de Bobadilla.

Casa de Colón
San Sebastián de La Gomera