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The adventures and sensations we experience
as children are remembered forever.
The first thing you learn is the last thing you forget

To prove it, we ran this "experiment" on human memory:
we invited 5 former pupils to come back to school 60 years later.

Geoffrey, Keith, Alan, Jeremy and Michael reunited at Edge Grove School
(Hertfordshire, Great Britain) to reflect on memories of their childhood.

What do you think your children will remember in 60 years?

"Use your time wisely because it is the most precious thing you have."
Keith Hamlyn
"Don't do the same thing every day."
Alan Brown
"Live every day of your life as if it were the first of the rest of your life."
Jeremy Skipper
"If you get the chance to do something in life, take it."
Michel Stewart
"It is important for a child to spend time with those they love."
Geoffrey Godbold
Do you want your children
to live adventures that
they remember forever?
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