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Where to eat in the Canary Islands

Discover the Canary cuisine

As intense and full of contrasts as the landscapes and the coasts, the cuisine of the Canary Islands is characterised by flavours which are simple and traditional, appetising and surprising for those travellers who wish to enjoy the typical dishes made with fresh products and using recipes that can turn a simple meal into a feast of sensations. The Canary Islands are a land of excellent cheeses, wines of renown, delicious desserts and a great variety of mojos, those delicious sauces that accompany the kneaded gofio (toasted cornflour) and the wrinkly potatoes. Their cuisine is as seductive as their beaches. Whether the cuisine is from the islands, from the mainland, international or exotic, there is a myriad of restaurants suitable for all, capable of satisfying the most demanding of palates and experienced ‘foodies’.

The best restaurants in the Canary Islands

Top of the range cuisine with first class service, a real temptation for lovers of signature cuisine, small establishments offering design tit bits, tascas serving highy flavoured dishes, typical bars and new gourmet areas where you can enjoy a full ‘brunch’ while looking at the sea. The seven islands offer a thousand and one different dishes, a thousand and one suggestions and addresses for you to discover. This fantastic selection includes the best restaurants, distinguished in the prestigious Michelin and Repsol guides: succulent dishes to make you fall in love with the excellent cuisine of the Canary Islands plus a complete guide with which to draw up a ‘cuisine plan’ for your holiday. All you need so as not to miss a thing and let the delicious taste of every meal linger with you.